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Unreliable parents

Unreliable parents - Thomas Kellam

This morning I dropped my mom at the Medical aesthetic center Rosemere . She was having an appointment for a hyaluronic acid injection. Since her car is in the garage, I have to take her everywhere. I don’t mind, helping her out. That’s why family is there; to help each other when needed.

Yesterday I had to take her do her groceries. I have volunteered to go buy it all by myself. I explained  to her that all I needed from her was a list with all the products that she wanted. I could have handled it alone and dropped everything at her house. She did not have to come. 

I guess that she, like any other woman her age, was bored for being inside and this was her chance of escaping boredom. Or maybe she was just trying to escape my dad. One of the two, who knows?

Both of them have been acting weird lately. Sometimes I am not sure if I really want to know why they would do this or that. Given their unexpected divorce and even more unexpected second wedding, it’s hard to really keep up with their things.  I do what I can do to help and that is all. I am not bothering to understand their choices. Most of the times, I simply do what I am told (mostly my wife is the one who is giving me the orders), without worrying about them too much.

In the past ten years I have witnessed more things than I would have liked to. Both of them are nuts. I love them, but they are unreliable. When you suddenly see your mom smoking a cigarette, your eyeballs are popping out. Especially you never saw her smoking before and you know as a fact that she was not a smoker. That’s what happened to me when I got to her house half an hour earlier than usual. I was supposed to go pick her up and drop her at our house, since she was our babysitter for the evening. 

The moment I saw her, I knew something was wrong. People don’t start smoking just because they feel good or they think it’s a healthy habit. I imagined that her and dad had a fight. I tried to talk to her and see what had happened but she did not seem to be interested in sharing her side of the story. Seeing her so upset, I decided to cancel my plans for the evening.


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