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The remedy

The remedy - Thomas Kellam

For years and years I have been suffering from a terrible low back pain. I have tried almost everything to get rid of this pain. Nothing really helped. Nothing provided me the relief that I desperately needed.

When I say I tried everything, believe me, I literally meant everything. I started with over the counter medicine, and then I had my physician prescribe me stronger meds. Seeing that I was still suffering, he suggested some alternative therapies and remedies. Thus I ended up seeing a massage therapist, an acupuncture specialist, an osteopath and a chiropractor.

They could not fix my back problem either. Though I have to admit that the chiropractic treatment gave me a short relief and increased my flexibility, but not for long. After twelve sessions, the chiropractor told me that he has done everything in his power to help me restore the functionality of the muscle. He added that I should continue the rehabilitation exercises he had taught me, and wished me luck finding a solution.

One day while I was waiting patiently to have Dental surgery Boisbriand, I overheard two women talking to each other. Generally I do not like eavesdropping, but something about their conversation got me intrigued. Apparently one of them was having a severe form of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The same woman was revealing to her friend that she had found a cream that was able to help her cope with the pain.

For a few more minutes I listened to her talking about the DMSO cream and its benefits. While she was going on, I wondered if the DMSO could help me as well. Since I had forgotten my phone at home, I could not look up for it online right away.

Thus, as soon as I got home, I googled the term and found a lot of information on this miraculous remedy. Guess what? This product is used for horses! Yes, you read it right. Not only that it is used for animals, but it is also banned by the FDA.

Despite the controversy, people are still using and swearing that it eased the pain, just like the woman in my dentist's office. Being intrigued by this entire story, I tried to see if I could buy it online. Couple of clicks after, I saw that Walmart carried it, but only on their online store. I purchased one and while I am waiting to have it delivered to the store, I am still debating if I should use it or not. I guess that I might do it after all. I'll keep you posted!


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Fascinated by his surroundings, Thomas is someone who is curious who savours life. With his entrepreneurial fibre, he began very early to develop ambitious business plans, including his career as a conference speaker. His blog is the place where he likes to talk about a variety of subjects that interest him.