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Plans for the upcoming month

Plans for the upcoming month - Thomas Kellam

Now that summer is almost done, I started to think about better ways of insulating the house and preventing the cold air coming in. By the end of the month, I am planning to change the windows in all of the three bedrooms. I have been meaning to replace them from the day I purchased the house, but I did not do it. Whenever I saved the money for it, something came up and I had to postpone my plan. Hopefully, nothing will happen within the next month and I would be able to see my wish materialize. It will certainly make a difference in temperature during the winter months. 

My sister convinced me to get some winter curtains Longueuilfor my bedroom. She has for all of her windows. She insists saying that I will love this type of curtain, that will reduce the amount of cold air coming in through the huge window. 

I am curious to see if she is right. If it turns out to be effective, than I might actually follow her lead and place these curtains all over the house.

If it helps me reduce my electricity bill without reducing the thermostat level, than I will go for it.
I am thankful that now I do not have to pay for the curtain. My sister gave me a gift certificate which I am going to use to purchase my winter curtain. I take it as a free trial. 

Anyway, the new windows will definitely keep the warm air inside and prevent the cold entering. Not to mention that they will look better than the old rotten wood ones I currently have. I look forward to have them changed. I already booked someone to come and do it . It’s a Croatian guy who owns his own company. He works with his brother in law.

I have heard only good things about them. Three of my friends recommended their services. They were very pleased with them. They all told me that their work was neat and that price wise they were not too expensive. I got quotes from three different other companies, but the Croatian guys offered the best price.

Plus they were accepting to be paid in monthly payments, which worked great for me. Thus, I would not have to wait another few months to have the entire amount I needed to pay them.


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