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Miracles do happen!

Miracles do happen! - Thomas Kellam

Today I got some really good news! My sister is pregnant. Yes! She had been trying to have a baby for almost two years now. It never happened. Now, it feels like a miracle. Did I mention that she is expecting twins? Yes! Twins. This is only God’s work, praised be His name! I have been praying for a miracle and it happened!

We had only one case of twins within our family. One of my dad’s sisters had twins. Except her, no one else did. It was quite a surprise. I can imagine how shocking was for them to hear two heartbeats instead of one at the first ultrasound. Wow! That must have been a breathtaking experience for both of them, her and her husband. 

They were excited to have one baby coming, but the idea of having two was overwhelming. My sister confessed that she had started to cry during the doctor’s visit. Her emotions were all over the place. She was not sure if those were tears of happiness, joy or worries. I asked her to relax and said to her that the hormones were responsible for her emotions. Pregnancy is a very emotional period that women transit. 

From what I understood she is due in March, a few days away from her birthday. What a great birthday gift the Lord has prepared for her! I can’t imagine the joy she will have when she will hold her two babies into her arms... I am really happy for her.

After I talked to her on the phone, I also spoke with my brother in law. He was already making calculations, talking about multiplying everything by two since they were having twins. He was joking saying that he had kissed goodbye his tooth implant Boisbriand for a few years; at least sixteen until the kids would be in college. I liked his sense of humour.

I added that there would be a time for everything. I congratulated him and asked him to take care of my sister. I insisted on not allowing her to carry anything or climb too many stairs. I knew how stubborn she can be sometimes. He started to laugh and answered that he would give it a try.

Now that I will have two nieces, or nephews, only God knows for the moment, I will have to think of something for them, a present to keep. I also am thinking to talk with my sister’s best friend and organize her a surprise baby shower.


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Fascinated by his surroundings, Thomas is someone who is curious who savours life. With his entrepreneurial fibre, he began very early to develop ambitious business plans, including his career as a conference speaker. His blog is the place where he likes to talk about a variety of subjects that interest him.