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A Light Moment With My Daughter

A Light Moment With My Daughter - Thomas Kellam

When I started reading about SEO Toronto, I did with a passion of its own. I put in a lot of hours; I used to do it when I was alone. While I was deeply focused in it, somebody unannounced was arounf and she was making fun of me. Well, at that moment, it might have been the case. Nevertheless when I came to interact with her, I made fun of her because she could hardly prounounce the words she was speaking properly. She was my daughter; she came to me because she thought I was lonely and may be having a problem. She came to keep me company and it one-and-a-half times the company expected.

She heard me saying “Eeeees Eeeeee Ooooooooo” and she tried to imitate me. Instead of repeating what I said, she said “Seeeeeeeeeee Oooooooooooooooo”. I laughed until she became across when I stopped what I was doing and held her close to me. To atone for what I had done to her I had to sit her down on my lap and explain to her the whole thing. I started from the beginning. By the time I reached the middle she had found interest in the subject and she was following. From time to time she stopped me and asked a question or two. I gather that I had done my best in trying to bring back her jovial face. At times, her questions were nagging but all in all she enjoyed my company until the end when we left together and parted before going into our respective bedrooms.

I took long to sleep as I stayed awake thinking about the light moment that I had with her. There was a lot that I learnt from her that made the whole thing very interesting. Her companionship which was sincere, as she was concerned about my wellbeing brought about great joy. The light moment that we had was great. Although her age is not one for comprehending things as complex as these; I showed her how important she is and she really appreciated it and we parted in very high spirits. It was an occasion and a half. It remained and still remains a very memorable moment and whenever I think about it, then I have to bring her close to me so that she can maybe bring something equivalent to that or even better. It is an event that remains not only in my heart, but also in my mind due to how educative it was.


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Fascinated by his surroundings, Thomas is someone who is curious who savours life. With his entrepreneurial fibre, he began very early to develop ambitious business plans, including his career as a conference speaker. His blog is the place where he likes to talk about a variety of subjects that interest him.