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How Bridge Loan Saved My Day To Be Ruined

How Bridge Loan Saved My Day To Be Ruined - Thomas Kellam

It was a sunny Saturday morning and I was enjoying a superb breakfast cooked by my wife. I was having eggs with a cup of coffee while the phone rang. As I picked up the phone, I was displeased to hear the voice of my mortgage manager. After a little chit chat, he asked me about the due installment of my mortgage. I was under severe financial stress and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to pay the installment for that month. I tried to explain this to the mortgage manager but he was very reluctant on the installment issue and was not agreeing to give me any relief.

After the phone call ended, my wife inquired about it. When I told her about the mortgage position, she told me to calm down as she might have a solution for that. She called his brother who works in a company that provides corporate financial statement preparation montreal to corporations as well as to individuals for an advise. I talked to her brother and when the phone call ended, I was left in sheer happiness. Her brother told me that his company would provide me with funds that would be sufficient enough to cover that month’s installment of loan. After I am done paying the mortgage company their installment, I will then have to return the company with their bridge loan.

The time allowed for repayment of the loan was sufficient enough and I was positive that my financial situation would gimprove by that time. I instantly applied for it and in a short period of time, I received the funds. I immediately paid the mortgage company with their installment without any fines. I was really worried about my home mortgage and I was apprehensive that large penalties might be due to non-payment of the installment.

After some time my financial situation got better and I was able to pay the installment of the mortgage as well repaying the loan to the company of my brother-in-law. I still can’t forget that how I was taken out of that mental agony of mortgage by him and I thanked him for his support. Since then I have told many of my colleagues and friends about the loan and many other friends of mine have used this great opportunity that finances the gap of any type of financial obligation that you'd to pay.


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