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Getting the right Paving Contractor in Edmonton when you need one

Getting the right Paving Contractor in Edmonton when you need one - Thomas Kellam

I had high hopes of selling my rental property but the city administration council served me with a notice barring me from doing so. This is because of the condition of the property’s backyard lane, which was in a bad shape. It was not a really in bad condition apart from some visible cracks that were noticeable from afar. All in all; the entire lane needed some resurfacing if the property was to attract a good deal from potential buyers.

Since I had already found a willing buyer, I needed the resurfacing done as fast as possible so as lift the Work Order served to me by the City Council. My wife told me about paving contractors Edmonton that had helped renovate the parking lot at her workplace.

I got quoted for a price estimate, for which they responded the same day via an email. After two days, the lane resurfacing was complete and I invited the City Council to come and inspect. What the paving contractor in Edmonton had done was exceptional and really impressive to a point that I got the Work Order lifted the same day. I was now smiling all the way to the bank.

Thanks to the superb work done by the paving contractor, now I own a new property and as well sorted my previous one.


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