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Caught in the rain

Caught in the rain - Thomas Kellam

Yesterday afternoon I got caught outside by the rain. When I left the house it was barely drizzling. I had to go pick up a Outdoor curtain longueuil. I thought of taking the car, but I change my mind. I told myself it would not hurt to walk a bit. There were only six blocks away from my street to the metro station! It was not cold at all and it felt good. 

The problem was when I was returning home. That’s when it started to rain hard all of the sudden. Since I had no umbrella with me, I was forced to take shelter on the steps of a private property’s entrance. It was awkward when the owner opened the door and asked me if I was looking for someone. I replied shortly that I wasn’t. He did not seem to care that I was hiding from the rain. The unfriendly expression of his face determined me to go down into the street and walk home through the rain, regardless the fact I was getting soaked.

I was annoyed by this individual’s attitude and comment, but in the same time, I had to admit that he had his rights as well, and I needed to respect them. While I was trying to figure out what disturbed me the most in this small incident, a loud unexpected thunder shook the ground. I got startled. A few car alarms started going off by themselves.

Half a minute later another thunder followed. It made me realize that the winter was over. A thunderstorm like this one never occurs during the winter months. Despite the heavy rain my heart was filled with happiness. Only the thought of warm summer days was enough to bring a smile upon my face. Yes, summer was close.

Oh, I always loved the summer in the city. All the festivals and shows that I was able to attend, all the picnics in the parc and the nights on the terrace in the Old Port. Hmmm! I looked forward to having all that once more.

When I got home, I was drenched. I removed my jacket and noted that my shirt was soaked as well. I removed it. I did the same with my wet socks and went straight to the shower. I did not want to catch a cold or a pneumonia. It ain’t fun at all to be sick!


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Fascinated by his surroundings, Thomas is someone who is curious who savours life. With his entrepreneurial fibre, he began very early to develop ambitious business plans, including his career as a conference speaker. His blog is the place where he likes to talk about a variety of subjects that interest him.