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The Bad Air

The Bad Air - Thomas Kellam

I was living in Montreal and had been dealing with a mold problem. I was there working for a modeling magazine and was living in an apartment provided by the company. But I was not happy there. The problem was growing and I did not know what to do about it. Obviously I needed to contact some professional person who would help me get out of the terrible situation I was in.

I had heard about fungi and that breads and perishable stuff get molds on them if not refrigerated. This was because when such stuff is kept outside, mold grows and these items become a habitat for it. But I had never heard of molds growing on walls, carpets, wooden stuff, clothes and much less all around a house. It was when I was faced with the problem that a colleague of mine explained that a lack of ventilation and lack of exposure to sunlight often provides a perfect condition for the mold to grow. And as mold is a form of fungi, it could be cured by exercising caution, but sometimes even caution may not help.

She also said was that it mostly grows in the winter; and now was winter. I had my fingers crossed and I prayed that I did not get to see any such a thing, but I was unfortunate. Moreover, she told me that air quality testing in Montreal is done as a means of detecting mold and whether conditions exist which suggest the presence of such mold.

My apartment was located on the shady side of the building where little sunlight would hit the rooms. Only the lounge was exposed to the sun. Coupled with this, I would stay busy all day so I did not get a chance to open the windows and allow the air to flow. So this problem was expected. My apartment had attracted mold and it was spreading. I needed to contact a professional air quality testing company which could also treat mold.

I grabbed my cell phone and called the same colleague. I asked her if she had the number of any such company which could help me. She told me that she would call me back in a moment's time. I got lucky as she found the number. I received a text from her which provided the number. I jumped with excitement and called the manager as now I knew my problem would only last a little while longer.


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Fascinated by his surroundings, Thomas is someone who is curious who savours life. With his entrepreneurial fibre, he began very early to develop ambitious business plans, including his career as a conference speaker. His blog is the place where he likes to talk about a variety of subjects that interest him.